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The O-series – OML, OMM, OMP, OMR, OMH, OMS, OMT, OMV

Low speed, high torque, fixed displacement gerotor and geroller motors (also known as orbital motors).

The Danfoss O-series is flexible beyond compare, delivering premium power across the board, and is available in numerous shaft, port and flange combinations, spool and disc valves, wheel and short versions.  These motors are suitable for closed and open-loop hydraulic circuits.  They cover small to large, heavy-duty needs with intermittent pressures up to 275 bar (3990 psi) and speeds ranging up to approx. 2500 rpm for the smallest type and up to approx. 600 rpm for the largest.  Robust, reliable and designed to fulfil the latest emissions standards, the Danfoss O-series offers you the motors of choice for turf care and agricultural equipment, forklifts and industrial sweepers.

Orbital X

Orbital X (introduced 2017) is the new standard in orbital motors and brings you the new generation of OMP and OMR motors.  Danfoss Orbital X motors increase flexibility in use, improve application performance and reduce your total cost of ownership.  These motors give up to 15% higher torque than current OMP/OMR motors and have a stronger bearing capacity for higher radial load in applications.  The Orbital X motors are available in numerous shaft, port and flange combinations.

Small Motors OML Displacement 8cm³ – 32cm³
OMM Displacement 8cm³ – 50cm³
Medium Motors OMP Displacement 25cm³ – 400cm³
OMR Displacement 50cm³ – 375cm³
OMH Displacement 200cm³ – 500cm³
Large Motors OMS Displacement 80cm³ – 500cm³
OMT Displacement 160cm³ – 500cm³
OMV Displacement 315cm³ – 800cm³

About Danfoss Hydraulic Motors

Around the world, mobile equipment manufacturers rely on Danfoss expertise for the most innovative work, propel, control and steering solutions.

Working in partnership with our customers, we provide high-value, high-performance components for a broad range of mobile equipment applications.

As one of the largest companies in the mobile hydraulics industry, Danfoss designs, manufactures and sells a complete range of engineered hydraulic pumps, valves, and electronic components.

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