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Turolla gear motors are energy efficient, durable and reliable. You will find that performance goes hand-in-hand with reduced energy consumption and emissions. Their efficient delivery of hydraulic power makes Turolla gear motors indispensable to the work functions of many mobile applications and are used extensively in the construction, off-highway, agriculture and industrial market sectors.

The Turolla range of gear motors consists of:

  • Aluminium gear motors (groups 1, 2, and 3)
  • Cast iron units (D-Series, Cascade and Dolomites)
  • Aluminium fan drive motors
  • Cast iron fan drive motors

Turolla gear motors are available in various shaft and flange combinations.

turolla gear motors
Product Rated Pressure bar (psi) Displacement cm³/rev (in³/rev)
Aluminium Gear Motors 250 (3,625) 2.62-194.3
Cast Iron Gear Motors 276 (4,000) 14.3-45.0
Aluminium Fan Drive Motors 250 (3,625) 8.4-44.0
Cast Iron Fan Drive Motors 276 (4,000) 14.0-45.0

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