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Turolla aluminium gear pumps are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications from the small to the medium and large off-highway vehicles.

Features and Benefits

  • Pressure-balanced design, ensuring sealing pressure, adapts automatically to operating conditions for improved overall efficiency and minimum energy losses
  • Minimised internal friction and perfectly fitting housing for an extended operating life
  • Modular and short versions of multi-stage units for high flexibility and compactness
  • Teflon® coated bushings for extended life under extreme temperature and pressure conditions
  • Variety of integrated valve options
  • One piece gear shaft construction

Turolla gear pumps are designed to achieve significant improvement in overall efficiency. Use them to power your work functions and see your energy consumption reach a new low.

Turolla fixed displacement aluminium gear pumps will put your machine to work – providing maximum strength at minimum weight in the right frame size for your requirements. Their multi-stage pumps are combinations of groups 1, 2, 3 and 4. Modular and short versions give extra flexibility and compactness.

Product Group level Flange size Displacement
Rated Pressure
bar (psi)
Maximum Speed
min-1 (rpm)
TFP0NN Group 0.5 EU2Bolt 0.25-1.27
180 (2,600) 8,000 (PDF 2MB)
SNP1NN Group 1 SAE A-A
250 (3,625) 4,000 (PDF 2MB)
SKP1NN *¹ Group 1 SAE A-A
250 (3,625) 4,000 (PDF 2MB)
SNP2NN Group 2 SAE A 3.9-25.2
250 (3,625) 4,000 (PDF 2MB)
SKP2NN *² Group 2 SAE A 3.9-25.2
250 (3,625) 4,000 (PDF 2MB)
SNP3NN Group 3 SAE B 22.1-88.2
250 (3,625) 3,000 (PDF 2MB)
TAP4NN Group 4 EU4Bolt 58.1-194.3
220 (3,190) 3,000 (PDF 2MB)

¹  SKP1NN is a special version of the SNP1NN.  It is designed to accommodate an SAE9T 20/40 DP tooth splined shaft for higher torque applications.

² SKP2NN is a special version of the SNP2NN.  It is designed for higher torque applications and is only available with a SAE A flange.

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