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Sauer Danfoss PVG32 Valve

A sizeable proportion of our workshop jobs are for Danfoss PVG32 valve builds. This hydraulic valve is extremely reliable, highly configurable for different applications, and remains very popular across different industry sectors.


The PVG valves provide smooth machine control, day in and day out – they are built to last! Due to the PVG load-sensing principle, wear and tear on the other components in your machine system will be reduced. For decades, Danfoss high-quality valves have been adding value to vehicle applications around the world.


PVG32 is a hydraulic load sensing valve designed to give maximum flexibility. The modular design of the PVGs accommodates future control variations and gives an almost infinite number of configuration possibilities. it is possible to build a valve group to meet requirements precisely.

Promptly delivered

We can make and deliver almost any PVG configuration – and there are thousands. We offer after sales support and produce service when you need it.

Official sales partner for Danfoss (formerly known as Sauer Danfoss)

P & R Hydraulics is an official sales partner for Danfoss hydraulic components. We hold a wide range of stock items which can be supplied on a next day basis. The PVG32 valve can be supplied as an assembled unit or individual components. We have an in-house workshop fully equipped with an array of hydraulic test-rigs. Please contact us with your specifications so we can provide a competitive, tailor-made quote.

Product Work port flow
l/min [US gal/min]
Max pressure
bar [psi]
Main characteristic Technical
PVG 32 130 [34] 400 [5,800] Load independent spool valve PVG 32 (PDF 5 MB)
PVSK 160 [42]* 400 [5,800] Oil supply cut-off modules PVSK (PDF 1.5MB)
PVBM 130 [34] 350 [5,075] Meter-in/Meter-out compensation PVBM (PDF 1MB)
PVSP 160 [42]* 350 [5,075] Priority Modules PVSP (PDF 2 MB)
PVBZ hitch control 130 [34] 250 [3,625] Hitch control valves PVBZ Hitch control (PDF 1MB)
PVBZ – T0 130 [34] 350 [5,075] Zero leakage valves PVBZ T0 (PDF 3 MB)

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